CreateCupX is a program that will take a Seeyou turnpoint Cup file and embed either your own pictures and or google sat pictures to create a Cupx file.

Cupx files can be used in LXNav 8000/9000 along Seeyou and mobile Seeyou.

Typical uses are for help in identifying landout fields along with being able to correctly identify TPs to enable routing through the best air.

If you want to process more than 1000 google sat pictures you will need a google api key see help file for more details.

Help file:-


CreateCupX can be installed from here:-

(Your browser and or AV programs may not allow this)

or downloaded as a zip from:-

Please address any issues and/or feedback to sjhdev (at) gmail (dot) com with Cupx in the subject line.


If you find the program useful feel free to either donate to your local air ambulance or contribute to my beer fund with the button below.